Cerro Azul

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  • 35.653°S
  • 70.761°W

  • 3788 m
    12425 ft

  • 357060
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There are no activity reports for Cerro Azul.

 Available Weekly Reports

There are no Weekly Reports available for Cerro Azul.

Summary of eruption dates and Volcanic Explosivity Indices (VEI).

Start Date Stop Date Eruption Certainty VEI Evidence Activity Area or Unit
1967 Aug 9 Unknown Confirmed 2 Historical Observations Quizapu
1949 Apr 15 ± 5 days Unknown Confirmed 2 Historical Observations Quizapu
1933 1938 Jul 25 (?) Confirmed 2 Historical Observations Quizapu
1916 1932 Apr 21 Confirmed 5 Historical Observations Quizapu
1914 Sep 8 Unknown Confirmed 3 Historical Observations Quizapu
[ 1913 Jan 15 ± 45 days ] [ Unknown ] Uncertain 2   Quizapu
1912 Feb Unknown Confirmed 2 Historical Observations Quizapu
1907 Jul 28 Unknown Confirmed 2 Historical Observations Quizapu
1906 Unknown Confirmed 2 Historical Observations Quizapu
[ 1903 Jan ] [ Unknown ] Uncertain 2   Quizapu
1846 Nov 26 1853 (?) Confirmed 2 Historical Observations Quizapu

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The Cerro Azul stratovolcano is at the southern end of the Descabezado Grande-Cerro Azul eruptive system. Steep-sided 3788-m-high Cerro Azul has a 500-m-wide summit crater that is open to the north. The three basaltic-andesite "La Resoloma Craters" scoria vents are located below the west flank and the two "Los Hornitos" scoria cones on the lower SW flank. Quizapu, a major vent on the northern flank of Cerro Azul, formed in 1846 during the first historical eruption, accompanied by the emission of voluminous dacitic lava flows that traveled both east into the Estero Barroso valley and west into the Río Blanquillo valley. Quizapu was later the source of one of the world's largest explosive eruptions of the 20th century in 1932, which created a 600-700 m wide, 150-m-deep crater and ejected 9.5 cu km of dacitic tephra.