Nevado del Tolima

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  • Colombia
  • Colombia
  • Stratovolcano
  • 1943 CE
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  • Primary Volcano Type
  • Last Known Eruption
  • 4.67°N
  • 75.33°W

  • 5200 m
    17056 ft

  • 351030
  • Latitude
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  • Summit

  • Volcano

There are no activity reports for Nevado del Tolima.

 Available Weekly Reports

There are no Weekly Reports available for Nevado del Tolima.

Summary of eruption dates and Volcanic Explosivity Indices (VEI).

Start Date Stop Date Eruption Certainty VEI Evidence Activity Area or Unit
1943 Mar Unknown Confirmed 2 Historical Observations
1826 May 1826 Jun 17 (in or after) Confirmed 2 Historical Observations
1825 Mar 2 (?) Unknown Confirmed 2 Historical Observations
1822 Nov (?) Unknown Confirmed 2 Historical Observations
0260 ± 150 years Unknown Confirmed 3 Radiocarbon (corrected)
0200 BCE ± 200 years Unknown Confirmed 3 Radiocarbon (corrected)
0610 BCE ± 200 years Unknown Confirmed 3 Radiocarbon (corrected)
1990 BCE ± 200 years Unknown Confirmed 5 Radiocarbon (corrected)
3500 BCE ± 300 years Unknown Confirmed   Radiocarbon (corrected)
5160 BCE ± 200 years Unknown Confirmed   Radiocarbon (corrected)
5310 BCE ± 100 years Unknown Confirmed   Radiocarbon (uncorrected)
7800 BCE ± 300 years Unknown Confirmed 4 Radiocarbon (uncorrected)

The following references are the sources used for data regarding this volcano. References are linked directly to our volcano data file. Discussion of another volcano or eruption (sometimes far from the one that is the subject of the manuscript) may produce a citation that is not at all apparent from the title. Additional discussion of data sources can be found under Volcano Data Criteria.

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The steep-sided, glacier-clad Nevado del Tolima volcano contrasts with the broad profile of Nevado del Ruiz volcano to the north. The andesitic-dacitic younger Tolima volcano formed during the past 40,000 years, rising above and largely obscuring a 3-km-wide late-Pleistocene caldera. The summit consists of a cluster of late-Pleistocene to Holocene lava domes that were associated with thick block-lava flows on the northern and eastern flanks and extensive pyroclastic-flow deposits. The summit contains a funnel-shaped crater 200-300 m deep. Holocene activity has included explosive eruptions ranging in size from moderate to plinian. The last major eruption took place about 3600 years ago. Lava dome growth has produced block-and-ash flows that traveled primarily to the NE and SE. Minor explosive eruptions have been recorded from Tolima in the 19th and 20th centuries.