Heart Peaks

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  • Canada
  • Canada
  • Shield
  • Unknown
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  • 58.6°N
  • 131.97°W

  • 2012 m
    6599 ft

  • 320040
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There are no activity reports for Heart Peaks.

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There are no Weekly Reports available for Heart Peaks.

There are no Holocene eruptions known for Heart Peaks. If this volcano has had large eruptions prior to 10,000 years ago, information might be found in the LaMEVE (Large Magnitude Explosive Volcanic Eruptions) database, a part of the Volcano Global Risk Identification and Analysis Project (VOGRIPA).

The following references are the sources used for data regarding this volcano. References are linked directly to our volcano data file. Discussion of another volcano or eruption (sometimes far from the one that is the subject of the manuscript) may produce a citation that is not at all apparent from the title. Additional discussion of data sources can be found under Volcano Data Criteria.

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The late-Cenozoic Heart Peaks shield volcano, located NW of Level Mountain in NW British Columbia, is capped by rhyolitic lava domes. The basal shield rises roughly 900 m above local topography and is composed of flat-lying basaltic and trachybasaltic lava flows and pyroclastics. The most recent eruptive activity at Heart Peak is of dominantly Pleistocene age, and late-stage Holocene activity is uncertain (Edwards and Russell, 2000; Edwards 2004, pers. comm.). The shield volcano rises above the Heart Peaks Plateau, which is sculpted on all sides by tributaries of the Inklin River. The colorful bright green and pink, steep-sided lava domes of the Heart Peaks Formation are formed of porphyritic rhyolitic and minor trachytic rocks and occupy the western side of the plateau.