Kaikohe-Bay of Islands

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  • Last Known Eruption
  • 35.3°S
  • 173.9°E

  • 388 m
    1273 ft

  • 241010
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There are no activity reports for Kaikohe-Bay of Islands.

 Available Weekly Reports

There are no Weekly Reports available for Kaikohe-Bay of Islands.

Summary of eruption dates and Volcanic Explosivity Indices (VEI).

Start Date Stop Date Eruption Certainty VEI Evidence Activity Area or Unit
0400 ± 300 years Unknown Confirmed   Radiocarbon (uncorrected) Te Puke

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The Kaikohe-Bay of Islands volcanic field at the upper end of the Northland Peninsula contains 30 Pleistocene to upper-Holocene eruptive centers, consisting primarily of basaltic scoria cones, lava flows, and small shield volcanoes, along with minor rhyolitic lava flows and domes. The field lies at the northern end of the Northland Intraplate Province, and volcanism has progressively shifted to the SE, with the younger Taheke Basalts being aligned along a NE trend at the southern end of the volcanic field. The most recent eruption produced explosive activity and lava flows from four well-preserved scoria cones at Te Puke about 1300-1800 years ago, although the precise date of the most recent eruption remains uncertain. Hot springs occur at three locations, including near Lake Omapere, which was dammed by lava flows.