Kars Plateau

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  • Turkey
  • Turkey
  • Volcanic field
  • Unknown
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  • Last Known Eruption
  • 40.75°N
  • 43.25°E

  • 3000 m
    9840 ft

  • 213050
  • Latitude
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  • Summit

  • Volcano

There are no activity reports for Kars Plateau.

 Available Weekly Reports

There are no Weekly Reports available for Kars Plateau.

Summary of eruption dates and Volcanic Explosivity Indices (VEI).

Start Date Stop Date Eruption Certainty VEI Evidence Activity Area or Unit
[ 1959 Jul ] [ Unknown ] Uncertain 2  
[ 1450 ± 50 years ] [ Unknown ] Uncertain 2  

The following references are the sources used for data regarding this volcano. References are linked directly to our volcano data file. Discussion of another volcano or eruption (sometimes far from the one that is the subject of the manuscript) may produce a citation that is not at all apparent from the title. Additional discussion of data sources can be found under Volcano Data Criteria.

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The Kars Plateau is a broad calc-alkaline to alkaline volcanic field of largely Pliocene to mid-Pleistocene age in the NE corner of Turkey (Innocenti et al., 1982; Yilmaz, 1990). Hantke (1962) reported that historical eruptions have occurred, but Keller (1980, pers. comm.) considered the reports to be uncertain. Feraud (1992, pers. comm.) considered the youngest activity to be Holocene in age.