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  • Greece
  • Greece
  • Shield(s)
  • 1950 CE
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  • Last Known Eruption
  • 36.404°N
  • 25.396°E

  • 367 m
    1204 ft

  • 212040
  • Latitude
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  • Summit

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There are no activity reports for Santorini.

 Available Weekly Reports

There are no Weekly Reports available for Santorini.

Summary of eruption dates and Volcanic Explosivity Indices (VEI).

Start Date Stop Date Eruption Certainty VEI Evidence Activity Area or Unit
1950 Jan 10 1950 Feb 2 Confirmed 2 Historical Observations Nea Kameni (Liatsikas dome)
1939 Aug 20 1941 Jul 2 ± 1 days Confirmed 2 Historical Observations Nea Kameni (Triton, Ktenas, Fouque domes)
1928 Jan 23 1928 Mar 17 Confirmed 2 Historical Observations Nea Kameni (Naftilos dome)
1925 Aug 11 1926 May Confirmed 2 Historical Observations Nea Kameni (Dafni dome)
1866 Jan 26 1870 Oct 15 Confirmed 2 Historical Observations Georgios, Afroessa and Reka domes
1707 May 23 1711 Sep 14 Confirmed 3 Historical Observations Nea Kameni
1650 Sep 27 1650 Dec 6 Confirmed 4 Historical Observations Colombo Bank (6.5 km NE of Thera)
1570 1573 Confirmed 3 Historical Observations Mikri Kameni
0726 Jul 15 ± 45 days Unknown Confirmed 4 Historical Observations NE side of Thia Island
0046 Dec 31 0047 Feb 1 ± 30 days Confirmed 3 Historical Observations Thia Island
[ 0019 ] [ Unknown ] Discredited    
0197 BCE Unknown Confirmed 3 Historical Observations Hiera Island
1610 BCE ± 14 years Unknown Confirmed 7 Radiocarbon (corrected)

The following references are the sources used for data regarding this volcano. References are linked directly to our volcano data file. Discussion of another volcano or eruption (sometimes far from the one that is the subject of the manuscript) may produce a citation that is not at all apparent from the title. Additional discussion of data sources can be found under Volcano Data Criteria.

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Renowned Santorini (Thera), with its steep-walled caldera rim draped by whitewashed villages overlooking an active volcanic island in the center of a caldera bay, is one of the scenic highlights of the Aegean. The circular island group is composed of overlapping shield volcanoes cut by at least four partially overlapping calderas. The oldest southern caldera was formed about 180,000 years before present (BP), followed by the Skaros caldera about 70,000 years BP, and then the Cape Riva caldera about 21,000 years BP. The youngest caldera formed about 3600 years BP during the Late-Bronze-Age Minoan eruption that forced abandonment of the thriving Aegean Sea island. Post-Minoan eruptions beginning in 197 BCE constructed a series of lava domes and flows that form two islands near the center of the caldera. A submarine eruption took place in 1650 AD outside the caldera NE of Thera. The latest eruption at Santorini produced a small lava dome and flow in 1950, accompanied by explosive activity.