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"Volcanoes of the World" is a database describing the physical characteristics of Holocene volcanoes and their eruptions. This search returns a list of volcano names which may be filtered based on location (set using a map), country, volcano name, population within various distance ranges, rock types, and types of volcanic features. Name and country searches will also return subfeature names. If map, population, rock type, or features filters are used, only primary volcano names will be returned. Results may be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet.

Volcano Search

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This field describes the compositions of rock composing from the volcano. If specific compositions are checked, the search will filter results for VOLCANOES that have that composition of rock, NOT specific eruptions of that composition. For example, checking "rhyolite" will filter for volcanoes that are composed partly of rhyolite, even if those volcanoes have also produced basaltic or andesitic eruptions.
These terms filter results based upon the morphology of the volcano and specific features on or within that volcano. For example, a shield volcano may also have fissure vents, cinder cones, and a caldera. Similarly, a caldera may contain lava domes or craters.
Only countries containing volcanoes in the database will be displayed in the dropdown.
Filter results based on the names or partial names of volcanoes. In general it is unnecessary to use generic terms "Mount" or "Mt." in this field.