Bulletin of the Global Volcanism Network

Bulletin of the Global Volcanism Network (February 2014)

All information contained in these reports is preliminary and subject to change.
Linked volcano names (below) go to the report for this month within all of the Smithsonian reports for that volcano.

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Ahyi (USA)

Seismic/acoustic signals and bathymetric data validate April-May 2014 eruption

Kelut (Indonesia)

Big 2014 eruption; plume over 26 km a.s.l.; ~7 deaths and over 100,000 refugees

Sangeang Api (Indonesia)

Ashfall from 30 May 2014 eruption causes evacuations, airline delays

Ritter Island (Papua New Guinea)

Report includes past geothermal activity observations

White Island (New Zealand)

Dome extrusion in late 2012 and further eruptions in 2012-2013

Sangay (Ecuador)

Absence of evidence for ongoing eruption; new hazard maps

Telica (Nicaragua)

Small explosions in September 2013; a new intracrater vent

Editors: Rick Wunderman, Julie Herrick, Bruce Millar, Robert Andrews, Paul S. Berger, Kenneth Brown, Jacquelyn Gluck, Tara Shreve, and Guilia Smith
Reviewers: Sally Kuhn Sennert and Benjamin Andrews