Volcanoes of the World (VOTW) Database Update Log

When the new website was launched in May 2013 following three years of database conversion and restructuring, this catalog of Holocene volcanoes and eruptions was renamed "Volcanoes of the World" with an initial version of 4.0, in recognition of the three previous editions of the book published by Smithsonian scientists (in 1981, 1994, and 2010) with the same title.

Update Criteria

Only a major change to the database structure or to the type of included content will trigger a change to version 5. A second-level update will be incremented following the completion of updates to a calendar year of current eruptions. The 4.0 version had eruptions updated through 2010, so 4.3.0 is complete (to the best of our knowledge) through 2013. Minor third-level updates will be done for all other reasons, including general updates from work with the professional literature, current eruptions based on Weekly or Bulletin reports, and minor database schema changes.

Improvements to the functionality, content, or appearance of the website are not logged as part of the database versions. Previous versions are not available, so any use of content from the website should note the date and/or the database version number.

Update Log

Version Date Significant Updates
4.3.4 9 April 2015 Current eruptions updated through 7 April. General updates. Restricted the term Somma to a feature type rather than a general volcano type.
4.3.3 15 December 2014 Current eruptions updated through 2 December. General updates. Fixed coordinates for map search. Now displaying the "Unknown Source" volcano as a holder for eruptions not assigned to a specific volcano.
4.3.2 14 November 2014 Current eruptions updated through 11 November. General updates.
4.3.1 30 September 2014 Current eruptions updated through late September.
General updates. All Bulletin reports are now being served from the database. Condensed the volcano type and features types of "Cinder Cone," "Scoria Cone," and "Pumice Cone" into "Pyroclstic Cone." Changed all "Volcanic neck" and "Volcanic plug" to "Volcanic remnant."
4.3.0 3 July 2014 Completed adding 2013 eruptions. Current eruptions updated through June 2014.
The Holocene volcano list now includes those with known Pleistocene eruptions but exhibiting current volcanic unrest; note that the website prior to 2013 included these as well, listed as "Pleistocene with thermal activity." Renamed the categories used to show the evidence (previously called the "Status") for inclusion in the Holocene list: Eruption Observed, Eruption Dated, Undated Evidence, Unrest / Holocene, Uncertain Evidence, Uncertain Observation, and Unrest / Pleistocene. Audited the "Uncertain Observation" category (48 entries), resulting in the removal of 20 entries and changing another 14 to a different category. Audited "Unrest / Pleistocene" category (42 entries). Reviewed all Greater Caucasus volcanoes. Reviewed volcanoes with volcano type of "Hydrothermal field" (15) and reclassified; removed HTF as a morphology type. With those changes, as of this update we list 1,559 volcanoes thought to have erupted or been otherwise volcanically active during the Holocene.
4.2.5 12 May 2014 Changed Tectonic Settings descriptions.
4.2.4 24 April 2014 Audited and corrected eruption dates of +/- 1000 years. Merged South Sister and North Sister to make Three Sisters. Merged Lomonosov Group into Chikurachki.
4.2.3 14 February 2014 Completed updates based on VAAC requests. Japanese volcano name changes. Argentina review.
4.2.2 December 2013 Variety of general updates. Current eruptions through October 2013.
4.2.1 30 September 2013 Eruptions updated through July 2013 based on available Weekly and Bulletin reports.
4.2.0 30 September 2013 Completed adding 2012 eruptions.
4.1.0 30 September 2013 Completed adding 2011 eruptions.
4.0 20 May 2013 Completed conversion to SQL Server from the Volcano Reference File (VRF) database in Paradox as used in the Volcanoes of the World (3rd ed) book. Eruption data complete through 2010.