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Recent Bulletin Reports

  • Barren Island
    Ongoing intermittent ash plumes and thermal anomalies through June 2014
  • Gamkonora
    Phreatic eruption in January 2013 followed by elevated seismicity
  • Kavachi
    Plume of discolored water seen in January 2014 satellite imagery indicates probable eruption
  • Ol Doinyo Lengai
    Lava fountaining observed from the active cone during March and July 2014
  • Nevado del Ruiz
    Frequent ash emissions during September 2012-July 2014

  • Latest Bulletin (July 2014)


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Site & Database News

30 September 2014 All Bulletin reports are now being served from the database rather than from static files. Database updated to VOTW 4.3.1.

15 July 2014 Added filters to the volcano search page for volcano type and evidence of activity.

3 July 2014 Updated the Volcanoes of the World database to version 4.3.0, with eruption data through June 2014. Added pages for the "This Dynamic Planet Map" and a log of database updates. Minor volcano profile page changes and reorganization of items under main navigation tabs.

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